Terraform is like...

Trying to use Terraform is like taking a car that needs an oil change to the dealer, and they say, oh, you need an oil change? Please give us the keys, we need to melt down the entire vehicle and create a new one with oil in it. Your new vehicle will be ready in 7 months. Would you like a water bottle today?

You can really tell the difference between the mindsets of programmers and traditional ops folks:

The ops folks are like "ok, we've just spent two years building this new datacenter, filled with 20 million dollars worth of equipment, the cabling is pristine, the router and switch config is all nice, it's pleasant to use. It'll handle decades of abuse, it can be upgraded easily, and we can accommodate whatever change our customers need." Then the Terraform "programmer" comes in and says "we need a new subnet, this datacenter doesn't have that... burn that castle to the ground and re-create it"