Reading List: SOA

Learn Advanced Distributed Systems Design
Change the way you think about designing software systems. Join Udi Dahan for this intensive course on modern architecture design practices.
Building Domain Driven Microservices
The term ‘micro’ in Microservices, though indicative of the size of a service, is not the only criteria that make an application a Microservice. When teams move to a microservices-based architecture…
Untangling Microservices, or Balancing Complexity in Distributed Systems
The microservices honeymoon period is over. Uber is refactoring thousands of microservices into a more manageable solution [1]; Kelsey Hightower is predicting monoliths are the future [2]; and even Sam Newman is declaring that microservices should never be the default choice, but rather a last res…
The reusability fallacy - Part 3
Why the reusability promise does not work