In the past few years I've noticed this new trend, where people keeping appending "it's incredibly distressing" to every observation they make.

  • "They tweeted X, and it was so incredibly distressing to hear!"
  • "The news reported that X, and I just found it incredibly distressing!"
  • "Did you see X last week? I find it disgusting and incredibly distressing!"
  • "I was incredibly distressed to hear that X! So distressing!"

It's incredibly distressing to hear the phrase "incredibly distressing" used to feign incredible distress. In today's society, it seems everything an opposing political party does or says is incredibly distressing. I just find that so incredibly distressing.

Note: the proper way to read anything with the phrase "incredible distress" in it is with a great deal of passion and emotion. You really have to sell it. Any listener needs to feel how much distress you are in. Tears also help.