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Gaslighting: How Leftists Demonize And Demoralize Their Opposition
If you operate on the assumption that these groups are lying to you most of the time then you will find yourself on the right side of history...

The Good Parts

"Governments and other mainstream institutions always lie because psychopathic liars always infiltrate and overrun them."

"Gaslighting is a powerful device for subjugation because it makes good people who love freedom think they are evil people that need to be restrained."

"And, if you lash out and defend yourself against the abuser, now you are truly a horrible human being."

"The fear mongering in the media over the coronavirus has been egregious and ridiculous."

"Anyone who has disagreed with these measures has been called a “conspiracy theorist” and a danger to others."

"But, when we cite these facts, we are told by the establishment that we are “lunatics” and “idiots”."

"The race baiting used by leftists the past several years is a prime example of gaslighting – Telling people they are responsible for evils they had nothing to do with and that are completely unrelated to them, then demanding they declare submission and loyalty to an ideology that seeks to enslave them as a means to wash away sins they were never guilty of."